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Welcome to Abode ABA

Unlocking Potential. Building Futures.

Providing compassionate, evidence-based ABA Therapy and Behavioral Services to help children with autism (ASD) in Charlotte unlock their potential, achieving a better, brighter future.

Our Services

Comprehensive Care, Personalized Support

Our comprehensive at-home services include personalized ABA Therapy, thorough behavioral assessments, parent empowerment sessions, and collaborative partnerships with schools and communities. Our team of dedicated professionals provides compassionate, evidence-based care tailored to meet each child’s unique needs, fostering progress and independence while supporting families every step of the way.

ABA Therapy

Our evidence-based ABA Therapy is personalized to meet each child's unique needs, focusing on enhancing skills and reducing challenging behaviors.

Behavioral Assessments

Comprehensive assessments conducted by our experienced professionals to develop personalized intervention plans.

Parent Training

Equipping parents with the tools and strategies to support their child's development and promote positive behaviors at home.

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